ARTHUR STORY MAKER #1 APPLE educational app!
Posted on: April 19th, 2017 by Marc Brown 7 Comments

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  1. RODNEY C says:

    I really think they should develop the show where Arthur and his friends are teenagers and they shift the focus of the show over to D.W and Friends. I have read every book and watched every episode JS.

  2. Nehemiah Unimuke says:

    Dear Marc,

    You may not remember me, but I`m the kid who wrote about the show being canceled one time. I`m 15 yrs old and still love seeing”Arthur” go strong. But, I have a question. Are you going to renew show for season 22 for 2018.

    Best wishes


  3. awesome work on the Arthur books

  4. Diana says:


  5. Francys Adaliz Perez says:


  6. kemaria says:

    youb should shutup you are dumb and so so so so so so so gross you make me sick

  7. Ben says:

    hey Marc
    you may not know me
    but I been a fan of yours for years

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