Let's have SOME


Time for a Walk, Pal!

Help Binky Get to the Pizza


Pal Loves to Be Cuddled

Is-That-You, B-Buster?

Help Francine Catch Buster

Arthur has a Few Artistic Ideas

I've Got It! Whoops!

Finish the Picture

Modern Art

Which Picture is Different?

Buster is Arthur's Best Friend

Francine Draws The Archer

I Have an Idea

Secret Message

Finish the Picture

Pal is a Cute Puppy, Athur


Binky is Hungry Today

Muffy Hops Her Way Over to Arthur's House

I'm the Fastest Kid in School

Word Search

The Results of My Latest Experiment are Fascinating

Finish the Picture

Mrs. McGrady Loves Her Plants

In the Air


How to Draw Arthur