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Had to get away from the nonstop Trump show. Paris provided the best excuse and the exhibit of modern art at the Vuitton Foundation was spectacular! The Louvre filled with treasures! Fontainebleau rich with the lavish excess of past French rulers eager to brand their contributions!




Thank you John Lewis for speaking the truth and having the courage to say what so many of us believe. And thank you also for being our guest star this season on ARTHUR. Our story of standing up for what you believe is a subject that all children need to think about and practice.




Marc Brown Is Teaming Up with R.L. Stine for a New Book
They’re working on a new project called Mary McScary.

By Matt Juul | Arts & Entertainment |

Marc Brown has a spooky new project in the works.

The Arthur creator is teaming up with Goosebumps scribe RL Stine to write a new picture book titled Mary McScary. The upcoming book is the second collaboration between the authors since their first picture book, The Little Shop of Monsters.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Mary McScary will follow the story of a young girl who gets a a kick out of scaring everyone and everything around her. However, she’s forced to come up with the ultimate scare tactic when her courageous cousin comes to visit.

EW reports that Brown will illustrate Mary McScary, while Stine will take care of the writing duties. The pair is apparently having a great time working together, as Stine told the publication, “I’m having so much fun working with Marc on this funny—and slightly naughty—new character.”

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Brown, who’s spent a lot of time in the Boston area over the years, recently celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Arthur cartoon on PBS. The series is the longest-running children’s animated show in television history.

As for Brown’s new children’s book, Mary McScary is scheduled to hit stores in September of 2017.




We spent some time exploring new parts of Italy.

img_0395 img_0539 img_0559 img_0606-1 img_0617 img_0619 img_0650 img_0685 img_0707 img_0832 img_0949-1 img_0475Rome, Naples and Bari and then driving through Puglia. We feel fed, inspired and filled with new ideas. Now it’s time to get back to work.


A new Monkey book in the works for Fall 2017.


Here’s a sketch for something coming your way. A great new character and a new picture book with my buddy R.L. Stine published this fall by Scholastic.


MONSTERS wins the Audie Award!

Narrated by the terrific Jack Black.

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 2.51.36 PM


April 24th is the last day you can vote for MONSTERS to Win the 2016 Children’s Choice Award. So far we are ahead bit things can change…

Monsters is behind the K-2nd Grade door at the bottom. And THANK YOU for voting!

Monsters cover

New MONKEY cover for the paperback edition

Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 12.31.06 PM

Time to fix up the kitchen…

After 25 years, our kitchen needs a little refreshing. We had no idea how much stuff was in all those drawers and cabinets. Our dining room looks like a yard sale.





IMG_8672 (1)



Alexander Hamilton

Saw the incredible and innovative musical HAMILTON for the second time recently. I was excited to find on my morning walk a couple of blocks away, a plaque indicating that he had died on this spot after his famous duel with Aaron Burr. The duel took place across the Hudson River in New Jersey and he was rowed back to New York where he died the next morning at the home of a friend. Sadly, the historic house is gone. This city needs to be more vigilant about protecting our historic buildings!


We all need a little springtime about now.

After the second worst snow storm in NYC recorded history,

a few quince blossoms couldn’t hurt.